Soc patch

Supernatural Operations Corps Patch

The Supernatural Operations Corps is a unit under the Joint Special Operations Command, a component command of the United States Special Operations Command. While USSOC, JSOC and the SOC are all Unified Combatant Commands, like the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, the Army is the executive agent for SOC.

The SOC is the only domestic organization legally permitted to use non-Suppressive magic, and handles magical operations for the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard. The Marine Corps does not engage in magical operations, but does have Suppression Lances -- standard Marine riflemen units consisting of Latent riflemen and Suppressing officers that block the abilities of the riflemen in the unit.

Latents with enough talent to effectively utilize the powers of their school are granted commissions. SOC officers are known as sorcerers. Every school of magic is treated as a separate branch, with appropriate regimental insignia.